Information Technology and Networking

We understand the IT challenges that are faced by modern day organizations which is why we place a high emphasize on offering services that cater to every client’s specific IT infrastructure needs. We achieve this by offering a wide range of tailored IT business solutions and technical support, in addition to a significant portfolio of managed IT services, both traditional and cloud-based.

Our aim is to keep you connected and secure at all times to encourage open collaboration within your organization. We do this while keeping costs down and integrate essential business processes. As a result, your business will become more efficient and productive.

    Our IT services portfolio includes the following broad categories:
  • Infrastructure services
    Installation of networking and Wifi hardware, software and other solutions
  • Security services
    Backups, disaster recovery, firewalls and more
  • Technical support
    Training, in addition to on-site or off-site support
  • Business solutions
    Bespoke IT solutions
  • IT resources
    Part time or full time

We can work on a contract basis or on demand depending on your requirement. We can also provide you with full time IT resources, including full-time members for your team or temporary personnel for transition periods.

Services we Provide

Switching & Routing

Wireless & WAN/LAN

Telephone System

Video Conferencing

SAN & Storage Solutions

Backup & Recovery Solutions


Cloud Computing

Firewall & Network Security

Email Solutions

Server Implementations

Centralized Video & Music Storage